ServiceNext’s Smartbotwins a GOLD @ the 8th Global Customer Engagement Forum & Awards, for the successful use of technology in customer service!

25th April 2019, Mumbai.

The 8th Global Customer Engagement Forum & Awards were announced on25th April 2019. The event, which was hosted in the financial capital of the India – Mumbai, carried the theme, Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises – Accelerate 10x.

During the event, ServiceNext’s Skobot (a bot designed exclusively for Skoda Auto) was awarded GOLD, for the successful use of Technology in Customer Service.

About Skobot

ServiceNext was commissioned by Skoda to build and deploy a Conversational AI solution to assist in their sales, customer service and marketing functions. The solution, which was built in 8 weeks enabled Skoda to convert leads faster, improve customer experience and aggrandize their much-needed business imperatives.

The bot can be viewed here - Ask the bot for Skoda Rapid, you’ll be thrilled to look at how responsive & intuitive the bot is.

Parameters for on the which the bot was judged

The AI-powered bot was judged on whether its matched Skoda’s business needs, and it did. From the custom analytics dashboard, which is a part of the solution offering, the panel could derive key metrics such as, resolution rates, sales call backs, marketing asset downloads and redress customer complaints.

The NLP and the AI component also steered the judgement towards a win, since these elements of the bot have seen to guide the user to their preferred purchase by understanding customer intent.

What’s “Next” for ServiceNext

With several such awards in its hat, ServiceNext is currently expanding the solution’s outreach to other verticals such as IT helpdesk, Travel, Telecom and many more. ServiceNext has also upgraded its AI platform, enabling it to build robust, secure and scalable bot solutions in a lesser time frame of 4 to 6 weeks as opposed to the earlier time to market (TTM) of 8-weeks

Since trust is also one of the principles that ServiceNext is built on, the solution provider lets their customers engage first through a proof-of-value program.

The program allows their customers to get a free, live AI-powered bot for their enterprise, without having to pay for any direct or hidden costs. And only after a customer realizes a true business benefit from the partnership, formal agreements get signed where the actual the actual commercial engagement begins.

To understand more you can write to or you can fill ina simple survey form – which will the customer success managers to send you a qualified ROI calculator showing a 50% cost reduction using their Smartbots-as-a-Service, among the other benefits.